Our Curriculum Overview

Learn Holy Quran with Qualified Scholars. we offer online Quran Courses Tajweed, Tafseer, surahs, memorization, recitation & Arabic language.

Basic Quraan Reading COURSE (For Bigners)

In this course, you will learn the basic principles of Quran reading.& after that, you will be able to read Quran- fluently.

Tajweed Course

In this course, you will learn the pronunciation of Quraan & Arabic Grammer.

Quraan Memorization Course(Hifz ul Quraan)

This course will help you achieve your goal of memorizing the Quran in a way that's effective and enjoyable.

Salah(Nimaz) Course

The study encourages scientific reasoning, discoveries and inventions. Great teachers and well-equipped laboratories help students explore, discover and experiment new things under the best supervision.


Understanding the game of numbers and logic to solve real world problems. Learn mathematics from scholars and university toppers who not make it interesting, but also fun to learn.